mercredi 15 novembre 2006

Little bird. Gingee

I spent 4 days in Gingee, hoping the end of the rain.I used to go at the bus stand, very crowdy in this village, expecting for shot opportunities.This little girl belongs to a gipsy orphan group who stays all along the day in the bus stand for begging.I never give money to kids, so the first time she came to me, maybe she have been disapointed, but quickly she showed big interest to my camera.
I took a snap and showed her the LCD screen.Joyfullness.All along theese 4 days, she came to me, in the crowd, from time to time;sometimes alone, sometimes with another sister or friends, never to ask for money.I felt her little hand pulling my tee shirt, and she was here asking for a new portrait, looking at me in her own way, half interrogative, half curiosity.And, after looking at the screen, she flew away, like a little bird...until the next time.After leaving Gingee, I miss her some days, even today writing this note...
ISO 400

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vasanthi a dit…

It's really feeling of little bird gingee. Touchable blog.



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